Your Medical History, In your Pocket.

Healthcare Meets,

Artificial Intelligence.

Connections, Everywhere.

Your entire Medical History, In your pocket.

Your Haylo Profile is at the forefront of connected health care.

Gone are the days paperwork updating your details. Haylo manages what makes every individual different, YOU. Synced across every platform at every clinic.

Centralised Health Data

HayloMD's Native Apps are enabling Haylo to path the way to the future of connected health care.

Secured Data

24/7 Diagnosis Chat Bot with unprecedented accuracy thats as easy and natural as a real life conversation.

Enabling The Future.

Diagnosis Engine

All your data is secured and meets HIPAA standards in secured storage and communication.

Every medical related interaction, stored and accessible. 

Anywhere, Anytime.

Use FitBit, Jawbone or Apple Health? Simply connect with HayloMD and your vital information is all in the one place.

HayloMD Profile

It's just, there?

HayloMD isn't just another app taking up space on your phone. With Haylo Connect, you are able to link your existing health apps.

Haylo's Health Feed is your centralised 

 go-to for anything "you". Track your steps, your heart rate, your meals and more using your existing apps with HayloMD.

Haylo aims to make connected healthcare accessible and as natural as possible. This is accomplished through our latest Google Action on Google Home. Simply tell HayloMD what's wrong in Natural Language. It's just as if HayloMD was a real person.

"Hey Google, 

Talk to HayloMD"

HayloMD is powered Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and Deep Neural Networks. This enables HayloMD to calculate tailored follow up questions customised to the each users symptoms.

Artificial Intelligence

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